So, after giving this assignment a lot of thought over the last few weeks I have decided to pick an article about animal cruelty. Although this is a topic that may be ‘easy’ or one people think is overdone, it is a subject I am extremely passionate about.

It was one that was hard to pick a specific article for as there are so many about the abuse of animals. I scrolled through many different newspapers and have decided to go with one from the Huffington Post. Its titled “Dog rescued after being shot and tied to train tracks”.

Here’s the article:

I picked this one because it shows how cruel people can be to animals, and gives me lots of material to work for photoshop. It really touched me as the reason the dog was tied there in the first place was because she was too kind to dog fight. It seems extremely sad that something could be punished for being too sweet.

As this is a subject that is close to my heart I want to make sure that my photo conveys a strong message. I think that this can definitely be achieved as it is an emotional article. I am hoping that I can dig deep and come up with an idea that will challenge my photoshops skills as well as touching people with this poor dogs story.


One thought on “Article

  1. It sounds like you’ve picked a topic that you are really passionate about! Im excited to see how you present your ideas. I feel like the topic is one that can be presented well visually and will leave a lasting impression with the viewer.


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