Communication Objectives

Animal cruelty art is something we all see on social media everyday. Many people want to make a difference in this area and believe in the rights of animals. I have seen many different and creative ways in which artists have illustrated the pain that many animals are feeling.

As it is a topic that I find emotional I don’t think it will be hard to put passion in to this piece. I have done little research and already have so many ideas on how I want to communicate this article through my image.

My article does show the bad and good in people. It shows the bad in the people who abused this dog, and good in the policeman that saved him/her. As I think it will be more affective I want to focus more on the bad then the good for my image.

As I picked a very sad article, my image will need to be very dark and dreary. I want to communicate a lot of feeling to the audience and highlight the fear that this poor dog must have been feeling at the time she was chained to the train tracks. I will have a dog in my image, and she will be broken down. I want viewers to instantly sympathise with dog and notice her even if she isn’t in the centre of my image.

Humans are supposed to be the smartest mammals, and yet we do some of the cruellest things to others. I really want to convey this in my image, and communicate the idea that humans can be monsters. The two teenagers who committed this crime clearly have no compassion for other living things. This is going to be highlighted in my piece. I want the dog to seem weak, but precious and the people in this image to seem like the monsters they really are.

A positive to doing animal cruelty is that it is not the kind of subject that needs words to convey meaning. If I put my image together correctly it will communicate the basis of the article to the viewer. It is definitely an emotionally driven piece, and I will draw on all of the emotions to create an image that conveys it.

There is a site called bored panda that put up powerful ad campaigns last year, these will be some of many animal campaigns I will be getting inspiration from.

public-social-ads-animals-24 public-social-ads-animals-128


2 thoughts on “Communication Objectives

  1. I think the way you want to communicate your message in your image is really well thought out. As you have picked such an emotional subject matter i think its good that you want to appeal to the emotions of your potential viewers. I’m excited to see how it all comes together!


  2. Hi Jess, I really like your idea! I am really against animal cruelty and I think that you be able to show your thoughts quite clearly through a strong image. I think your final picture will be a bit shocking or unnerving for people to view, but I also think this is a positive thing, because then people can really understand your article and that animal cruelty is never okay.


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