Concept Thumbnails

Concept 1:

My first concept is very simple yet effective. I want the train tracks going along the photo, and the dog standing chained and bleeding, watching the people leave and realising he is being left alone to die. I want muddy/bloody footprints in the grass instead of the actual people and for it to be dusk.

Concept 2:

My second idea is inspired by an animal cruelty piece that I found online. In it, they close up on a dogs eye and the person is inside. It says “he sees a home”. In my image, I could twist this. Instead of having a glowing message and a dog looking full of hope, I would have the reflection of the person holding a gun and looking very scary. This would show what the dog is seeing and the fear that he must be feeling.


Concept 3:

My third concept is to have the dog sitting on the train tracks and the person standing over him. I would have to do this one at sunset or some point where there would be a shadow. The person would face their back to the camera and instead of a normal shadow, they would have the shadow of a monster.



Concept 4:

My 4th idea is to have the people and the dog swap roles. So instead of having the dog chained to the train tracks I would have a person, with the two dogs looking down on him. People often think that doing things to animals is different to doing them to humans so if I switch the positions I could get more of a reaction. People may understand the situation more, and see how terrifying it would be.


Concept 5:

Last concept is to show the night, and then the next morning and the different type of people the dog deals with. Maybe even show a halo or some other representation of kindness for the policeman in the morning. It would be from the dogs perspective, so we wouldn’t see the dog but be seeing through his eyes



2 thoughts on “Concept Thumbnails

  1. I think your concept three would be a really good route for you to take for your assignment. I feel like it would present your topic really well with out being to gorey. The idea of the monster shadow is also very interesting as it would get your point across in a literal and metaphorical sense. I also feel like this concept allows for the most interesting composition. Im excited to see how it turns out!


  2. You have some really good concepts and I like that they are all really different from one another, it means you have a lot of ideas that you can put towards your final image! I think the second concept could be really cool, especially if you manage to get the dog doing those really cute sad puppy dog eyes. The third concept would also work really and the idea of portraying the person as a monster through the shadow is really interesting. I do however think taking the photos for this image might be the hardest, especially trying to get the dog to look right, I would try and take the elements individually so you can easily manipulate them and bring them all together easily. You have some really good ideas and I’m interested to see which concept you decide to choose!


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