Just playing with the images at the moment and starting to get them in the right places! Need to get rid of green, blend etc! But you get a bit of an idea from this.

First try


3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Hi Jess! This photo is already shocking! Well done on making your concept shine through (as sad as it is). I think if you added a dark shadow in front of the man, it would make him seem more threating and dominating. Shadows around the dog will help blend him into the shot too. Great work 😀


  2. Hi, your image is looking as though it is coming together nicely. I believe you want to add a shadow of a monster (from what I read in your other posts). There is a really good and straightforward tutorial I have posted on my page (here is the tutorial if you want to take a look. I think it will help you a great deal especially if your unsure of how to go about it 🙂


  3. Your progress is looking really good so far. I really like how you’ve made the dog much smaller in comparison to the person standing over it, its really effective and makes him seem menacing! I definitely think the incorporation of the shadow monster will enhance the idea even more and will be a great addition to your image. I would recommend as you’ve already said above blending the dog a bit more – or maybe using one of your other assets that has him on slightly different angle to avoid him sitting funnily on the train tracks. I also think it might look better if the dog had a bit more blood him and the chains stood out a bit more. Great work so far, I think your final image is going to be really effective!


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