I chose concept three as the design for my final image. Over the holidays, I took the photos and began to bring the project together.

The intended communication objective was to show that the teenager who abused the dog in the article may look human on the outside, but was a monster on the inside. I wanted to show the darkness that lied within him through the use of a large, monstrous shadow. On the inside, these people are cruel and lack compassion, and I wanted this message to get across to those that view my photo. I chose to use a shadow as this is something that is connected to a person but is also easy to manipulate.

The dog on the tracks was supposed to look small, and helpless to show what little control this animal had over its fate. Animals are not able to speak for themselves, and cannot change what life they end up in.

So, with that said, I tried to show all of this in my final image. There were some difficulties and elements that I disliked and could not change. But overall, I am happy with my image and believe that it communicates my chosen article.

The shadow ended up being extremely effective in the image, and it looks great towering over the dog. I used layer masks, liquify and vector masks to achieve this; all of which we learned in class. First, I had to cut out, and mask the original photo and then change the brightness/contrast to create a shadow rather than a person. I then used overlay to blend the shadow on to the train tracks. This made the shadow look realistic, and I was really happy with the overall result.

The second part was the dog on the train tracks. This proved to be the most difficult part of my assignment. The green screen changed the colour of the dogs fur, and the chains and blood were both hard to get on a moving animal. This meant that I had to play around with the fur colour, and use the clone stamp on my dog. I spent a lot of time on this and finally felt that she looked bloody enough for her condition to look real.

Unfortunately, I did not think about the colour of her fur, and the stones. I felt that she was too light and didn’t stand out in the image. This was because her fur was a light, creamy colour and several of the stones were extremely similar. After playing with this, I ended up leaving the stones and Piper the colours that they were and placed a small shadow behind her to differentiate between her and the train tracks.

Something I would do differently next time would be with Piper. Although a green screen is usually used, I probably wouldn’t use it again on a model that had so much fur! It made it really hard to mask around the green and caused a lot of stress on my end. Especially since it was too difficult to take new photos and paint her again. Using a dog was also hard, as they do not sit still and listen to you! It took a long time to get a good photo of Piper as she is generally incapable of following instructions.

Overall, I am happy with my final image. I think that it describes my chosen article, and shows the cruelty that lies within some people.  I am most pleased with the shadow in my image, as it turned out to be as effective as I was hoping. My article was about a dog who got shot and tied to train tracks for being kind in a dog fight. I have used many elements from the article to create my image, and believe that it communicates what the article is about.


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