These are some comments that I have done throughout the assignment on other peoples blogs.

Commented on Sophie Gleason:

Hi Sophie,
I have been following your blog throughout this course and think you are making some great progress! The photos look great and it looks like you have taken them for several of your concepts which is wise incase anything goes wrong! I particularly like the ones of the girl sitting on the ground with the bowl of fruit as you can see her expression and the contents of the bowl clearly. When putting the images together try and make them look as contrasting as possible! You want people to be aware that there is a huge difference in attitude between the girl and the businessman.
Can’t wait to see your final product!

Commented on Hannah Bourke:

It is clear that you put a lot of thought in to your concepts and I think they all convey your article in one way or another! I think that the first and second illustrations show a very clear divide between the boys and girls toys and therefore would be more effective! This is because they show the choice in a better way than your other concepts as the contrast between the boy and girl toys is really clear. It also shows the difference in packaging and how different toys are targeted at different genders. I like the other concepts with the boy and girl holding the toys but believe that they don’t convey the message about gender as clearly as the 1 and 2.

Commented on Maddy Bayley:

I really like your photo so far! The eyes are extremely effective and show that you have used several different photoshop techniques that we learnt in class! The different objects show the difference in believes between ISIS and other citizens. I especially like the gun and peace sign, and think they were good choices for the main images within the eyes. I think it is a good idea to add different filters to differentiate the two sides of the image. The eyes look fantastic, but the image probably needs to show a bit more of a divide between the two sides of the story and filtering at least on side of the image would achieve this!

Commented on Jasmin Cullen:

Hi Jazz,
I really enjoyed reading all of your concepts! All of them are really creative and interesting ideas! I think the merging in concept 3 is extremely effective. It shows that we are similar in so many ways but are treated differently and separated because of what sex we are! This will be really affective for your final image. These both seem like they would be doable on photoshop! Just make sure the photo’s or separate photos of the man and woman are taken in similar places so you don’t have to worry about background when it comes to merging!

Commented on Sophie Gleason:

This is a really good idea for our assignment and is definitely one that can be presented visually. Waste is a big problem in New Zealand and in many other countries around the world so there will be tonnes of material on it. Looks like you have done lots of research in to it already so you have a good base to get started 🙂 Can’t wait to see the final image and all your ideas leading up to it!


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