Concept 1: I thought about doing the different times as balloon bunches. The three bunches would be separated from each other to show the three different time stages. Each balloon bunch will need to be a different colour to make it clear that they are separate.

Concept 2: Again this concept has something to do with balloons. In this concept I thought the different steps could go in balloons, and then the balloon string can connect one step to the next. In this concept I would just have the steps instead of having the steps separated in to different groups.

Concept 3: Each level of the house will be a different time stage. So the top of the house will be 3 months, two months, 2 weeks etc. The house layers will have different colours to show the different stages.

Concept 4: Have party banners go across the page, and have the steps inside the party banner triangles. Banners are something that are always associated with throwing parties.

At the moment I am thinking of going with concept one, as I think that this could look really cool! But I am worried that the page may be too busy with the balloons so we will see how we go!


2 thoughts on “Concepts

  1. I really like your idea and the way you have thought about expressing them in your concepts is great too. I agree with you in saying that you really like concept 1, I think it links really clearly with your idea and would be a great way to divide up your steps. I do think that I might be somewhat limiting in the graphics you can create though as you could really only have the balloons, otherwise as you said, it would start to look too busy. This is why concept 3 might be a good choice, as you could create images with in each of the different levels of the house with this more simplistic design. This design would also probably be a bit more straight forward to follow. Looking forward to seeing which concept you choose and how it all turns out!


  2. Hi Jess! I think you have made a great choice with your topic idea, its very age appropriate. While i do think that you first idea is good, I definitely think that your third and fourth options could be further explored.I feel like both the tiered layout of number three and the party banner layout of number four could be really interesting and visually appealing.Im intrigued to see what iconography you end up using to represent party planning, Im sure you will have fun with deciding. Im also looking forward to seeing what colour scheme you end up going with because at this point your options are endless. Looking forward to seeing the end product!


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