Typography is the art of arranging type to make it seem appealing and to communicate certain messages. There are several different types of fonts that have been created over the years such as helvetica and arial. Typography is important when it comes to designing an infographic.

Hierachy and selecting different types of fonts will be important in my essay. Typographic hierachy is a system of organising type to show a system of importance. This allows the reader to find points easily throughout the infographic.

There are a few basic techniques used to establish hierachy:

– Size: this is the easiest way to develop hierachy

-Weight: using a bolder font

-Colour: different colours, warm colours pop and cold colours don’t

– Spacing

I found a nice font online that suits my image. It is a party banner font that I will use for the title of my image. Not sure what other fonts I will use in my image yet.


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