Here are a few comments I’ve made over this assignment:

Hey Jazz! I think that this is a great idea for an infographic! Wine is a large part of New Zealand and we have so many different winery’s to visit around the country. The grape idea is also really good, just make sure you make the grapes big enough to fit all of the information in! You may have to make them separately and have some big and small that you can put together and only have a few of them instead of a big bunch as we only have an A4 sheet to fit it all on. Really looking forward to seeing the end product.

This is a really great research post! Typography was something important that we went over in class and is important when designing an info-graphic. It will be interesting to start seeing what fonts you are looking at using, and how you use all of the elements such as hierarchy in your info-graphic.

Image is looking good so far! Seems that you have been very organised with your work and have already made a lot of progress. The grape is a great way to organise the steps of making red wine, it is simple and goes with your topic. I see that you have already added in some images to your grapes. They look great! but make sure you leave enough room to add texts and to say which steps are first, second and so on. Can’t wait to see the final product!

Hey! I have really enjoyed looking at your different font options. Typography is very important as it communicates different messages to the reader. I think that all of these fonts are good options, but you need to make sure that they are easy to read. Each of these relate to your topic, but the first few are not as easy to read as the others so maybe pick one of the last font options.

Hi Sophie,
Image is looking really great! After debating for quite some time over your topic it seems that you have been able to dive right in to making a perfect smoothie! The round edges rather than rectangles make the image appealing visually, and make your steps seem like they flow together well. The font you have picked is nice and easy to read, and catches the readers eye! I do think that you need to colour the title in some way so that it stands out more from the background. At the moment, the black blends in a little bit with the green background and I think its important for the title to be obvious!
Cant wait to see the final product,
looking good so far!


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