How to summarise my info-graphic:

I have to say that I underestimated this second assignment. After following instructions in class I would’ve said that I had a grasp on illustrator. It was not until I started this assignment on my laptop that I realised I did not have much of a grasp on it at all. I spent many hours on illustrator, and searching the pixarbay and flickr to find images that I could re design and hope that I picked the right final images for this info-graphic.

My final A4 info-graphic design uses the layout of a house. Each level of the house represents a different space of time in which specific steps to throw a party need to be ticked off. The house originally had three layers, but as I added more steps a fourth and fifth layer were needed. The steps go from 3 months out, to two months out, to two weeks, to one week and to the day of. These were time segments found on several different party sites. I found that the house was the best concept of my four, as if communicated clearly the time segments. I did try concept one: the balloon bunches but it failed miserably and was confusing visually.

My steps are quite simple, and the description of each is very basic on my info-graphic. I hope that my images convey as much meaning/if not more than the written text. I worked extremely hard on all of my images, and a lot of them were challenging for me to mask.

My A8 info-graphic is quite simply, but would definitely carries the visual style of my main image. I used the same font on the top of each, which was the Party Banner font from I thought that this alone communicated my topic as party banners are only used for events. I then used a few images from my main infographic: the calendar and champagne flutes on a table. I thought that this was nice and simple and would communicate what was to come in my info-graphic.

Same basic colour scheme was used in both. I used a light blue as my background in the A4 info-graphic, as this was one of the top colours used in advertisements and it did not draw attention away from the house. I then used a light pink for the A8 image which tied in with some of the levels of my house in the A4 image. I did end up using quite a few colours for my image, but tried to stay with happy, pastelly colours that could be associated with a party. I wanted the image to look fun and energetic for this is the atmosphere you want for a party.


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