Just playing with the images at the moment and starting to get them in the right places! Need to get rid of green, blend etc! But you get a bit of an idea from this.

First try


Chosen Concept

My Chosen Concept is thumbnail 3 as I believe that this will be the most effective of my designs. After discussing this in class, we agreed that this was my best option as it had many different elements to it. Thumbnail 3 has a strong message, as it will push people to see the person as the dog sees him.

The hardest element to this will be working with a dog and getting her to co-operate in the photos. Hopefully I manage to get one that works for my project.

Concept Thumbnails

Concept 1:

My first concept is very simple yet effective. I want the train tracks going along the photo, and the dog standing chained and bleeding, watching the people leave and realising he is being left alone to die. I want muddy/bloody footprints in the grass instead of the actual people and for it to be dusk.

Concept 2:

My second idea is inspired by an animal cruelty piece that I found online. In it, they close up on a dogs eye and the person is inside. It says “he sees a home”. In my image, I could twist this. Instead of having a glowing message and a dog looking full of hope, I would have the reflection of the person holding a gun and looking very scary. This would show what the dog is seeing and the fear that he must be feeling.


Concept 3:

My third concept is to have the dog sitting on the train tracks and the person standing over him. I would have to do this one at sunset or some point where there would be a shadow. The person would face their back to the camera and instead of a normal shadow, they would have the shadow of a monster.



Concept 4:

My 4th idea is to have the people and the dog swap roles. So instead of having the dog chained to the train tracks I would have a person, with the two dogs looking down on him. People often think that doing things to animals is different to doing them to humans so if I switch the positions I could get more of a reaction. People may understand the situation more, and see how terrifying it would be.


Concept 5:

Last concept is to show the night, and then the next morning and the different type of people the dog deals with. Maybe even show a halo or some other representation of kindness for the policeman in the morning. It would be from the dogs perspective, so we wouldn’t see the dog but be seeing through his eyes


Communication Objectives

Animal cruelty art is something we all see on social media everyday. Many people want to make a difference in this area and believe in the rights of animals. I have seen many different and creative ways in which artists have illustrated the pain that many animals are feeling.

As it is a topic that I find emotional I don’t think it will be hard to put passion in to this piece. I have done little research and already have so many ideas on how I want to communicate this article through my image.

My article does show the bad and good in people. It shows the bad in the people who abused this dog, and good in the policeman that saved him/her. As I think it will be more affective I want to focus more on the bad then the good for my image.

As I picked a very sad article, my image will need to be very dark and dreary. I want to communicate a lot of feeling to the audience and highlight the fear that this poor dog must have been feeling at the time she was chained to the train tracks. I will have a dog in my image, and she will be broken down. I want viewers to instantly sympathise with dog and notice her even if she isn’t in the centre of my image.

Humans are supposed to be the smartest mammals, and yet we do some of the cruellest things to others. I really want to convey this in my image, and communicate the idea that humans can be monsters. The two teenagers who committed this crime clearly have no compassion for other living things. This is going to be highlighted in my piece. I want the dog to seem weak, but precious and the people in this image to seem like the monsters they really are.

A positive to doing animal cruelty is that it is not the kind of subject that needs words to convey meaning. If I put my image together correctly it will communicate the basis of the article to the viewer. It is definitely an emotionally driven piece, and I will draw on all of the emotions to create an image that conveys it.

There is a site called bored panda that put up powerful ad campaigns last year, these will be some of many animal campaigns I will be getting inspiration from.

public-social-ads-animals-24 public-social-ads-animals-128


So, after giving this assignment a lot of thought over the last few weeks I have decided to pick an article about animal cruelty. Although this is a topic that may be ‘easy’ or one people think is overdone, it is a subject I am extremely passionate about.

It was one that was hard to pick a specific article for as there are so many about the abuse of animals. I scrolled through many different newspapers and have decided to go with one from the Huffington Post. Its titled “Dog rescued after being shot and tied to train tracks”.

Here’s the article:

I picked this one because it shows how cruel people can be to animals, and gives me lots of material to work for photoshop. It really touched me as the reason the dog was tied there in the first place was because she was too kind to dog fight. It seems extremely sad that something could be punished for being too sweet.

As this is a subject that is close to my heart I want to make sure that my photo conveys a strong message. I think that this can definitely be achieved as it is an emotional article. I am hoping that I can dig deep and come up with an idea that will challenge my photoshops skills as well as touching people with this poor dogs story.

Flow Chart

On Monday we had our second Vis Com class and began discussing how to complete this assignment. As it has a lot of different steps and a research process it is important for all of us to keep on top of things.

We came up with a flow chart that contains six simple steps to help us all come up with a great idea and bring that idea to life. This will keep everyone focused on the assignment and the material needed to complete it.

Hopefully this flow chart will help me do well in this assignment.