Iconography is the use of images to portray a certain subject, movement or ideal. There are endless examples of well known iconography such as:


The red poppy – an icon for remembering those that died in the world wars. Anyone who say this icon would immediately understand the reference to war.



A simple heart – an icon that represents love or romance. – when in reality hearts aren’t even attractive organs. This image has become an icon, when it has no real relevance to falling in love or romance itself

I want the images I’ve chosen to communicate the steps to the audience rather than using lots of text. Some images that I have chosen in my piece are clear icons – such as the boy and girl toilet signs.

I have used these to be the image under guest list – for everyone around the world understands these signs and what they stand for.




Typography is the art of arranging type to make it seem appealing and to communicate certain messages. There are several different types of fonts that have been created over the years such as helvetica and arial. Typography is important when it comes to designing an infographic.

Hierachy and selecting different types of fonts will be important in my essay. Typographic hierachy is a system of organising type to show a system of importance. This allows the reader to find points easily throughout the infographic.

There are a few basic techniques used to establish hierachy:

– Size: this is the easiest way to develop hierachy

-Weight: using a bolder font

-Colour: different colours, warm colours pop and cold colours don’t

– Spacing

I found a nice font online that suits my image. It is a party banner font that I will use for the title of my image. Not sure what other fonts I will use in my image yet.

Party Planning

Party planning is something that is common and done by almost everyone. At some point, each person has thrown some type of party, whether it is a sleepover or a proper social event. My info-graphic is inspired by 21st, as this is the season where a new party is thrown every week, and when each party follows a basic layout.

For 21st, and other events, alcohol and food are supplied unlike BYO parties. This means that alcohol and food have to be planned, adding to the party steps involved.

Other elements that have to be organised are gazebos, hired glasses, caterers and decorations. These are all steps that have to be planned in advance.

I found several different articles online about what steps are important when throwing a party, and have chosen several simple ones to communicate to the audience the basic elements behind party planning.


For my design I’m going to need lots of different colours. Most campaigns or ads only use one or two colours in their designs! So it may look a bit different when i use a few of them. Different colours communicate different messages. Base colours such as blue, yellow and red are the most common colours used for logos and advertisements. I am going to have to communicate a message with the colours, and they are all going to have to go together. I think I will use basic colours, that will go together nicely and possibly use a blue as my background colour as this seems to be a popular colour for top brands. b51226f216993c7ed33429f74c1ddeca 2

Infographic Layout

To start this project well I decided to look up infographics and see what types of layout, colours and topics other people over time have used! I found several infographics on how to make a good or bad infographic and thought that these would be extremely helpful to me when I start creating my own! These show what type of layouts should be used and what makes a good or bad informational graphic.

Info Cheat shee Infographic

The site that this infographic is from also has some links to good fonts and other bits and pieces!