Last minute changes

So last minute I have decided to add more steps to my how to throw a party steps

Steps now are:

3 months:

1. Pick a date

2. Plan a guest list

3. Set a budget

4. Choose the type of event

2 months:

5. Hire material – wine glasses etc

6. Plan the menu

7. Hire caterer if needed

8. Pick a venue, if not at house

2 weeks:

9: Buy all the food and drinks

10.Remind people to RSVP

1 week:

11. Start decorating

12. Clean party area

The day of:

13: Final set up, bring all the pieces of the party together

14. Enjoy!



When I started on illustrator I decided to give up on my balloon concept and went for the house one instead. This was a little easier and divided the steps better than the balloon bunches. Progress so far.

For some reason the colour is changing when the image is being exported, in the illustrator file I have used lighter colours but you still get the idea!



Party Steps

Steps to throwing a party:

1. Pick a date

3 months out:

2.Create a guest list, invite people (either Facebook event or invites)

3. Set your budget – 20 people – $200, 80 people – $700

4. Type of event – cocktail, BBQ

2 Months out:

5. Rental order

6. Plan the menu

2 weeks out:

7. Buy food and drinks

8. RSVP reminder

Week before:

9: Start decorating and bringing the party together




Concept 1: I thought about doing the different times as balloon bunches. The three bunches would be separated from each other to show the three different time stages. Each balloon bunch will need to be a different colour to make it clear that they are separate.

Concept 2: Again this concept has something to do with balloons. In this concept I thought the different steps could go in balloons, and then the balloon string can connect one step to the next. In this concept I would just have the steps instead of having the steps separated in to different groups.

Concept 3: Each level of the house will be a different time stage. So the top of the house will be 3 months, two months, 2 weeks etc. The house layers will have different colours to show the different stages.

Concept 4: Have party banners go across the page, and have the steps inside the party banner triangles. Banners are something that are always associated with throwing parties.

At the moment I am thinking of going with concept one, as I think that this could look really cool! But I am worried that the page may be too busy with the balloons so we will see how we go!


So I have been trying to decide how i will divide up my information. At first, I thought I would just go through a basic checklist of what is needed to throw a good party but after looking through Pinterest I may want to do a timeline of what needs to be organised leading up to the event.

On pinterest, there are a few party planners who divide the steps into times. These are 4-6 months, 2 months, and then a few weeks, then the day before. These could divide my information nicely and make it presentable and easy to read on my infographic.

Infographic Topic

I was debating several different ideas over the past two weeks and have decided to do my infographic on: How to host a party.

It’s 21st season so this inspired me to do this topic as everyone is talking about what they are doing for their parties!

I think that this will be a fun topic to do, and it will have plenty of information on it. There are so many elements to hosting a party and the bits and pieces you have to organise and I can easily show this through my infographic